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Closing Mechanisms


Closing Mechanisms 1

Closing Mechanisms 2

TS 1500
Door closer with adjustable closing speed

Closing Mechanisms 3

TS 2000 V
Door closer with variable closing force up to 1250 mm

Closing Mechanisms 4

TS 2000 NV
Door closer with variable closing force up to 1100 mm

Closing Mechanisms 5

TS 4000
Door closer with opening buffer

Closing Mechanisms 6

TS 4000 E
Door closer with electro-hydraulic hold-open device

Closing Mechanisms 7

TS 4000 EFS
Door closer with hold-open device and free swing arm

Closing Mechanisms 8

TS 4000 R
Door closer with an integrated smoke switch control unit

Closing Mechanisms 9

TS 4000 RFS
Door closer with free swing arm and smoke switch

From the smallest overhead door closer to the multi-faceted variations for use with fire and smoke protection doors: The door closer range with link arm offers a wide range of combination options. The door systems with the "free swing" function are ideal for doors that need to be operated with very little physical force and yet still provide a high level of security, for example, in hospitals, care institutions, homes for disabled people or schools.