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Fire Extinguishers


CO² Range & DCP Extinguishers

Stronghold's range of stored pressure chemical dry power extinguishers are suitable for A, B or C class fire or a combination ABC class fires.

Dry chemical powders have been developed over a period of thirty years and can be supplied as Alpha Dynaflo, an ultra high performance product or in various grades down to our alpha megaflop 34-40% which carries a 2A - 2B rating.

All Stronghold's powders are siliconised for superior flow and anti caking.

Operating heads are of brass with either zinc or chrome plating; steel epoxy coated carrying handle and discharge lever, fitted with safety relief valve and pressure guage.

Extinguishers of 4kg and bigger are fitted with a high pressure discharge hose and discharge nozzle which slips over a peg on the base skirt.

Stronghold offers a comprehensive range of Bluecrane, Firemate and Safequip fire extinguishers.

Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers 1

Strongholds range of stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers is suitable for A, B or C class fires or a combination of A,B,C class fires. All the extinguishers supplied conform to the minimum fire ratings as specified in SANS 1910:2009.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers 2

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality SANS 1567:2003 certified carbon dioxide range of steel or aluminium fire extinguishers that suits all levels of marine, industrial, automotive and household requirements. Our CO2 range is designed for ease of operation and is suitable to extinguish classes B fires but most suitable for class C (electrical) fires

Foam Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers 3

Strongholds range of stored pressure foam content extinguishers are suitable for A, B class fire or a combination of AB class fires.

Fattex Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers 4

StrongholdsFattex extinguisher is specifically designed to combat fires resulting from fats and edible oils burning in deep fryers. It is charged with a specially formulated wet chemical and ideal for class F fires.

CO² Range
Mass Working Test Burst
Type Height Dia Empty Full Charge Pressure
5kg Steel Alloy 750mm 138mm 10.5kg 15.5kg 5kg 6000kPa @ 20°C 25000kPa 45000kPa
2kg Steel Alloy 580mm 105mm 5.6kg 7.6kg 2kg 6000kPa @ 20°C 25000kPa 45000kPa
Type Safety Valve Fire Rating Effective Range Discharge Time Filling Ratio Approved Price Excluding VAT Price Including VAT
5kg Steel Alloy Burst Disc 34B 4m 13sec 0.66 SANS150 R 540.00 R 615.60
2kg Steel Alloy Burst Disc 8B 3m 8sec 0.66 SANS150 R 345.00 R 393.30
Fire Extinguishers 5
Fire Extinguishers 6
Fire Extinguishers 7
DCP Extinguishers
Mass Alpha Megaflo Alpha Superflo Alpha Dynaflo
Type Height Dia Empty Full Charge Fire Rating
1kg 335mm 75mm 1.30kg 2.30kg >6 sec 5A 13B 5A 21B 8A 21B
1.5kg 325mm 102mm 1.80kg 3.30kg >6 sec 8A 21B 8A 34B 8A 34B
2.5kg 468mm 102mm 2.60kg 5.10kg >6 sec 13A 89B 13A 89B 13A 113B
4.5kg 416mm 181mm 3.50kg 8.00kg >9 sec 21A 144B 21A 183B 27A 233B
9kg 553mm 181mm 4.50kg 13.50kg >12 sec 27A 183B 43A 233B 43A 233B
Type Coating Approval Pressure Valve Guage Temp
1kg Light SABS810 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring Type Diaphram Type -15/+60°C
1.5kg Light SABS810 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring Type Diaphram Type -15/+60°C
2.5kg Light SABS810 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring Type Diaphram Type -15/+60°C
4.5kg Light SABS810 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring Type Diaphram Type -15/+60°C
9kg Light SABS810 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring Type Diaphram Type -15/+60°C

Get to know your extinguisher

Dry Chemical Powders(DCP)

Areas of Use

Dry powder is a highly versatile Class A, B & C fire-fighting medium for any fire risk. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gasses, powder is also effective for vehicle fires.


Accepted and recognised by the organisations: SABS, A.S.I.B, Fire Surveyor's Association of S.A., Department of Public Works & Land Affairs, SA Post Office, Telkom, Department of Transport, Department of Education, Department of Water Affairs, Chamber of Mines, Spoornet, SANDF, Armscor, Escom, Iscor, Municipal Fire Departments and the major oil companies.


  1. Multi-purpose Extinguisher
  2. Simple method of operation
  3. Unique tamper-evident safety pin
  4. Corrosion-resistant high quality durable finish
  5. Rugged design ensures long service life
  6. Rapid flame knock-down is achieved with our special powder formulation
  7. Much improved fire ratings
  8. Controllable discharge ensures fire-fighting efficiency
  9. Silkscreen label, giving permanent markings and manufacturer identification
  10. High performance valve
  11. Wind tunnel designed discharge nozzle


Suitable for Class A (combustible materials: wood, paper, textiles, B (flammable liquids/gases - petrol, oil, solvents/propane, butane, LPG, acetylene), and C (electrical) fire risks.


Every 12 months, or sooner, (depending on local authorities or risk area). New line pressure testing of cylinder is required every 5 years to comply with SANS 10105 and SABS 1475.

Fire Rating

These ratings measure the knock down capability of fire fighting equipment.
They are categorised into Class A Fire and Class B Fire rating categories:

  1. Class A Fire indicating organically consumable material fires e.g. wood, paper, textiles etc.
  2. Class B Fire indicating flammable liquids and flammable gas fires e.g. petrol, oil, methane gas etc.

The 9kg 34-40% DCP Extinguisher has the highest fire ratings of the South African manufactured extinguishers being 43A/233B. This indicates that on the Class A fire rating the extinguisher extinguishes a wooden crib fire 0.5m wide, 0.56m long and 43m high. The rating figure is ten times the length in metres.

Class B is related to the surface area. The rating figure relates to the quantity of flammable liquid in a mixture of water and fuel that can be extinguished in a circular pan. The numerical figure relates to the litres of fuel used. The 9kg extinguisher has the capability to extinguish a fire of 233 litre of petrol, a true test of knockdown capability. No other local extinguisher has a Class B rating more than 183B.

This fact illustrates the importance of research scientific design and quality when manufacturing extinguishers.


1kg; 1,5kg; 2,0kg; 2,5kg; 4,5kg; 9kg; 25kg Trolley; 50kg Trolley

Powder Options

34 - 40 % Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Silicon Coated
70% Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Silicon Coated
90% Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Silicon Coated


These performance rated powders contain a range of free flow and water repellent additives to ensure maximum performance, versatility and storage stability.
Special powders on order only:
Metal Powder (Class D)
Purple K

CO2 Extinguishers

SABS Certification Mark

SABS 1567


High-pressure seamless aluminum cylinder, robustly constructed to international standards. Lever operated brass head, with built in pressure release safety disc, to rupture at 20 000 kPa. Cylinder conforms to BS 5045/3/C/S.


2kg Short Horn / - 2kg Swivel Horn


Completely controllable for extended use; Inexpensive to recharge; very simple operation; discharge horn and instruction label colour coded black; corrosion resistant.


Every 12 months, or sooner (depending on local authorities). Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinder is required every 5 years to comply with SABS 0105 and SABS 1475