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What is a Fire Door?

Stronghold Fire Doors are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the National Test Standard which forms part of OHSA Fire Regulations. The core of the fire slab which is sandwiched between various types of wood finishes is constructed from a Calcium Silicate Monolithic, reinforced insulation material which acts as a fire retardant in a case of fire. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our fire doors come standard in a Masonite finish, unpainted. Fire Doors can be Class A, B, D or E.

What are the differences between the Classes of Fire Doors?

A Class A Fire door is a 1 hour door with a fire resistant core panel which has the following rating:

  • Stability: 1 Hour
  • Integrity: 30 Minutes
  • Insulation: 30 Minutes
  • Impact Test: None

A Class B Fire Door is a 2 hour door with a fire resistant core panel and has the following rating:

  • Stability: 2 Hours
  • Integrity: 1 Hour
  • Insulation: 1 Hour
  • Impact Test: None

A Class D Fire door is a 2 hour fire door with a fire resistant core, that can withstand an impact test with a mass of 27kg without creating an opening wider than 25mm between the door and frame.

With a Class D Fire Door the stability, integrity and insulation rating requires 2 hours with an impact test.

A Class E Fire Door requires a rating of only 30 minutes for each of the categories (stability, integrity & insulation) and is a solid door (no fire resistant core panel).

What Door Hardware or Ironmongery options can I have on my Fire Door?

  • Escape hardware (if you need a Fire Escape door)
  • Panic Bar / Emergency Exit Device (if you need a Fire Escape door)
  • Lockset with Thumb Turns, this is dependent on the customer needs, speak to our sales team and they will advise you on the most suitable type of lock)
  • Door Closer (regulation states all fire doors must have a door closer)

What comes standard with my Fire Door?

a)  When you order a fire door you can choose to order a frame with your door or only the door leaf/panel only.  This will have a standard Masonite finish, unless you specify a different finish, in which case, please email our sales department for a list of options we offer to and they will quote accordingly.

b)  Your Fire Door and Fire Door Frame will have a serial plate, this is to certify that your door is indeed a fire door, either Class A, B, D or E.

c)  Your Fire Door can be internal or external.  If it is an external fire door (leading towards the outside where it is exposed to sun, wind, rain or hail), it will have galvanised cladding to protect the door.

d)  Galvanise slambars or Meeting Styles (double door)

e)  3 x Certified Hinges per leaf/panel


  • Your Fire Door does not include Door Hardware / Ironmongery, this is quoted /ordered separately.
  • Your Fire Door excludes installation or delivery unless otherwise requested.  Should you need installation or delivery, this will be at an extra cost.  Please email for your requirements.

Can I put a Fire Door Leaf/Panel in a normal frame?

Yes you can, however it will not meet regulation.  A fire door frame has a minimum inside rebate of 25mm and is constructed out of a 1.6mm steel frame. Should you choose to put a fire door in a regular door frame, Stronghold Fire & Security will not be held responsible for your fire door not meeting regulations.  

How do I know I have ordered the right size door and/or frame?

We have various sizes available for you to choose from, however if your required size is not on the list, please email for an accurate quote.

If you are not sure of what size you need, contact us on:

Tel:  011 822 2570 or 067 415 5833

Sales:  082 566 2913 

Sales:  082 565 6274

Speak to our sales team and they will arrange a site visit!